Amazing Mum Entrepreneurs Rule (1)

After several months Of trying to get on board with the idea of letting go my part time job. I have developed a business  I am into that’ s Coaching and Motivating Mum entrepreneurs. In my coaching it will also provide life hacks and how to balance home life while running a business at the same time motivating these mums to where they want to be in their business. I have Facebook  and Twitter pages are up yay and I am thoroughly enjoying helping women be inspired.  A few bites here and there now to develop the programs for people so they can be a success in life as well. I know I have the knowledge I am working on getting my courses into just to put it into packages  of 1-1  or group coaching so I can concentrate on the either one person and their business or a group of entrepreneurs so they can learn and be motivated. Why do I start these things well I guess that’s the entrepreneur in me. I care about people and I love to connect and share my knowledge. Over the past months I have toyed with the idea of earning six figures. Yes six figures I will and I can and I would like to help other ladies do the same.The world is your oyster that’s what they  say isn’t that right. So if you are a mumentrepreneur stay tuned because this is what you may have been looking for all along.10378912_10152096328896920_1409350714403924647_n


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